It’s time to get smart on crime.

Ozzie Fumo is running for DA to focus on keeping you safe!


Are you safer than you were 10 years ago? Here in Clark County, the answer is unfortunately no. The DA’s approach to criminal justice has failed to keep our community safe. We need a District Attorney who will focus resources on prosecuting violent crime, not waste them on low level, nonviolent offenders. 

Ozzie Fumo will end the crisis of mass incarceration and make our community safer. 

Fighting for victims

Whether you are the victim of a home invasion, sexual assault, or a drunk driving accient, you deserve justice. The DA’s office is stretched thin because attorneys are too focused on prosecuting victimless crimes, rather than supporting victims. Under Ozzie Fumo’s leadership, the DA’s office will get justice for you and your loved ones. He will build out a comprehensive toolkit of justice that offers opportunities of healing and restitution, rather than always default to incarceration as a solution.

Guaranteeing equal justice for all 

It doesn’t matter whether you’re rich or poor, you deserve to be treated fairly by our justice system. In the last 10 years, the DA’s office has let billionaires and celebrities get away with serious crimes, while everyday people are thrown in jail for less severe charges. The DA’s office has also gone out of their way to kick people of color off of juries. Ozzie Fumo trusts everyone in our community to do the right thing when they serve on juries. As a legislator, he introduced legislation to expand and diversify our jury pools.

Treating drug addiction like an illness, not a crime

Every year, thousands of people are put in jail for possessing small amounts of controlled substances. Ozzie Fumo will put the safety of our community first by getting people who are addicted to drugs into rehabilitation programs, not jail cells.

Keeping our roads safe

Every time someone is arrested for having a broken taillight, it takes a police officer off our streets. That police officer needs to be focused on stopping reckless drivers who make our streets more dangerous. Ozzie Fumo will make our streets safe by focusing resources on catching dangerous drivers.

Ending the school-to-prison pipeline 

When a young person makes a mistake, it should not ruin the rest of their lives. Rather than taking kids out of schools and putting them in jails, we need to be getting them access to mental health counseling.

Reforming cash bail

The DA’s office has allowed violent criminals to get out of jail on cash bail, while nonviolent criminals are locked up just because they can’t afford it. Ozzie Fumo will keep us safe by making sure that someone who presents a danger to our community is not allowed to get out on bail. He will not waste taxpayer dollars incarcerating someone for nonviolent offenses.

Ending the death penalty

In the last 10 years, the DA has filed over 90 notices of intent to seek a death sentance, but the murder rate in Las Vegas is still going up. The death penalty does not keep people from committing homocide, and the appeal process costs taxpayers millions of dollars every year. For people convicted of the worst crimes, Ozzie will seek life sentences.

Investing in community 

If we’re going to make Clark County safer, then we need to get at the root causes of crime: poverty and mental illness. It costs $73,000 per year to keep one person in jail in Clark County. The money we save by not locking up people for low level, nonviolent offenses needs to be reinvested in better schools, affordable housing, and access to mental health programs.