Meet Ozzie Fumo…

Ozzie Fumo moved to Las Vegas at the age of 11. A first-generation American, Ozzie learned the values of hard work, determination, and fighting for everyday people. He graduated from Bishop Gorman Highschool in 1983 and from the University of San Diego in 1987. He received his law degree from Whittier Law School, and has been a criminal defense attorney in Las Vegas for 26 years.

Ozzie and his wife Ellen have 5 children who are starting families of their own. Above all, Ozzie believes that family comes first, and as DA, he’ll fight to make sure that families stay together by keeping the residents of Clark County safe, keeping mothers and fathers out of jail when they have not committed a violent crime.

In 2016, Ozzie was elected to represent the people of Assembly District 21, located in Clark County, in the Nevada State Legislature. During his time as an Assemblyman, Ozzie sat on many committees, including the Judiciary Committee and the Corrections, Parole, and Probation Committee.

Ozzie has always championed the issues of criminal justice reform, and he introduced and cosponsored bills to end mass incarceration and make the justice system work for everyone, including:

  • Ending the use of the death penalty
  • Limiting the role of cash bail
  • Regulating and eliminate private prisons
  • Holding law enforcement and prosecutors accountable for misrepresenting evidence
  • Providing additional training for private security officers
  • Prohibiting law enforcement from detaining immigrants on the basis of a hold request from ICE.

Organizations, Accreditations, and Awards

In addition to his time at the legislature, Ozzie is a well-respected criminal defense attorney with 26 years of practicing law in Las Vegas.

Ozzie is rated AV Preeminent at Martindale-Hubbell, an honor voted on by his peers and the top rating an attorney can receive. He is admitted to practice in the Eighth Judicial District, he practices in the United States Federal Court for the District of Nevada, and he has argued successfully in the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. Ozzie is also an adjunct professor at UNLV Boyd School of Law, and in 2021, he was voted Adjunct Professor of the Year by the students.

Ozzie is a member of the American Bar Association, Nevada Justice Association, Nevada Attorneys for Criminal Justice, Association of Trial Lawyers of America, and National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers. Over his career, he has received many awards and accolades including:

  • 2006 Nevada State Bar’s Outstanding Service Award
  • 2015 American Society of Legal Advocates Top 100 Criminal Defense Lawyers
  • 2019 Nevada Justice Association Consumer Advocate of the Year
  • 2019 Nevada Attorneys for Criminal Justice Defender of the Year
  • 2021 Black Caucus Justice Hero Award

Ozzie on the Issues

Above all, Ozzie Fumo wants to make Clark County a safer place to live.

on the Issues

Above all, Ozzie Fumo wants to make Clark County a safer place to live.

  • Eliminate Cash Bail: A person’s socioeconomic status should never determine whether or not they are incarcerated.
  • Equal Justice Under the Law: No matter who you are or who you know, the criminal justice system will treat everyone the same.
  • Keep Clark County Safe: We need to center the needs of victims, and offer opportunities for healing, restitution, and restorative justice.
  • Rehabilitation not Incarceration: Rather than lock someone up for possessing drugs, we need to get them into a treatment program and set them up for success in the future.
  • Treat Kids like Kids: No one should be judged by their greatest mistakes. When a young person commits a crime, we need to give them the chance to grow and change, rather than lock them up for decades or their entire lives.
  • End the Death Penalty: State sanctioned murder is wrong. We should not use a potential death sentence to seek harsher plea deals. Instead, we should save money by sentencing heinous criminals to life imprisonment

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